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How to enjoy a
“high-class club in Ginza.”How to enjoy a
“high-class club in Ginza.”

A high-class club in Ginza is a “place where the highest members of society can mingle and gather,” staffed by many young and beautiful women.
Each of these women are wonderfully attractive, vigorously and actively inquisitive people who are interested in learning from our customers about worlds they have never known or experienced, to hear about subjects such as your hobbies, and everything from leisure activities to business topics.
To spend time surrounded by beautiful young women who are deeply interested in talking with you, who are ready to wholeheartedly engage in conversation, is pleasurable time truly well spent. Lively discussions with delicious alcoholic beverages, spurred by topics suggested by our hostesses, who are all expert conversationalists, will surely help bring positive outcomes to your business opportunities—for example, entertaining clients and VIPs.

The appeal of Ginza hostesses goes beyond just being good listeners to their customers. These young and inquisitive ladies are very knowledgable about the latest trends and fashions.
Conversing with such women to learn about new perspectives held by females of a different generation, and to engage with fresh and new ideas, is another way to enjoy this experience.

Our goal at Ginza Club Pass Tone is to be known as a top-tier club in the historic Ginza district. We hire our hostesses not just for their beauty, we carefully select only the most enthusiastic and intellectual candidates. We offer the kind of luxurious enjoyment, encounters, and thrilling experiences that only an authentic club in Ginza can provide.
Why not discover your own unique story, something out of the ordinary, at Ginza Club Pass Tone?

We have a large staff of attractive,
young and vibrant womenWe have a large staff of
attractive, young and
vibrant women

ginza hostess

The majority of the hostesses at Ginza Club Pass Tone are in their mid-20s, which makes our staff generally younger than the average hostess in Ginza.

While they may not be as experienced as veteran hostesses, which in some cases may make them appear to be unfamiliar or unseasoned, the greatest appeal of young hostesses lies in their sweet innocence, and the genuine interest they have in exploring and discovering new topics about worlds they have never known before.
A woman who is curious about hearing a customer’s conversation, and is willing to listen intently to their stories, will liven and enhance any setting.

If you are looking to entertain clients in a lively and buoyant setting, to be charmed by beautiful and pure-hearted ladies, we wholeheartedly invite you to visit us.

Highly recommended for business
entertainment opportunitiesHighly recommended for
business entertainment

vip room

The interior design and atmosphere of a club are crucial deciding factors when selecting a venue for entertaining valuable clients and prospective business partners. Ginza Club Pass Tone takes pride in its spacious 80-tsubo (264.5 square meters) interior, meticulously designed to provide the most relaxing and pleasurable environment for our customers.

Our interior design features a European-inspired theme, decorated in seasonal flowers and gorgeous chandeliers, which exudes an upscale and luxurious atmosphere appropriate to the Ginza district, while valuing sophistication and calmness.
Our main floor is highlighted by the grand piano, which takes center stage, where a professional pianist and flutists create an elegant and refined mood that only a live performance can provide.

Another unique and charming aspect of our club is the fun of enjoying the hospitality of our bunny girls.
These beautiful and elegant bunny girls will add special vibrancy to the wonderful moments you will spend at our club.

Our atmosphere and interiors are all in service to the importance of being worthy of being a top-tier club in Ginza. We are confident in our ability to offer complete satisfaction no matter what the occasion, whether it is simply to have a good time, or to successfully entertain clients.
Ginza Club Pass Tone will wholeheartedly assist you in finding whatever you seek, whether it be soothing relaxation or a business setting.

A friendly atmosphere,
even for first-timers

ginza hostess

At Ginza Club Pass Tone, we offer first-time customers the benefits of our exclusive bottle service.
We provide this service as a show of gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to welcome new customers, and to help them relax and enjoy our atmosphere.
We provide a fully transparent pricing system, and a readily available bottle menu, so please feel free to inquire anytime with our cast and staff members.

“It’s my first time visiting a high-end club in Ginza.”
“I’m searching for a Ginza club that I can use to entertain clients and prospective business partners.”
“This is my first time at a club, and I’m eager to meet new people.”
Whatever it is you seek, we prioritize the comfort and care of our first-time customers. Our entire staff are here and ready to welcome you with all of our hearts.

We offer an elegant atmosphere that only a Ginza club can provide, opportunities for conversation with beautiful and inquisitive women, and a special environment where you can enjoy the pleasures of a live performance featuring a grand piano and flutists. Wouldn’t you like to make such a place your new, favorite location?

Private VIP rooms,
fully equipped with karaoke

ginza hostess

Ginza Club Pass Tone offers four private rooms that can accommodate up to 10 guests. These highly acclaimed environments ensure privacy, so you can relax and enjoy yourselves without concern for prying eyes. These are special experiences that have received rave reviews from many of our customers.
Whether it’s to focus on business discussions when entertaining clients, or to enhance and cherish private moments, Ginza Club Pass Tone can provide the perfect setting for any request.
All rooms are fully equipped with karaoke. So customers who love to belt out songs and want to liven their experience by singing karaoke are sure to be satisfied as well.
Enjoying the luxury of singing karaoke together with beautiful women is just one of the many appealing charms of our VIP rooms.

“I was searching for a club in Ginza that had private rooms.”
“I’ve always wanted to frequent a club where I could enjoy karaoke!”
“It’s so convenient, having so many private rooms to choose from.”
These are just some of the many comments we were delighted to receive from our customers.

Come to Ginza Club Pass Tone, and discover a new way to experience and enjoy Ginza, with our private karaoke-equipped VIP rooms.