Ginza Club Pass tone Companions

Veteran CompanionsVeteran Companions

We always have 40 female companions on our roster.

You will always find beautiful women with various charms—cute, voluptuous, sexy, etc.—here.
Besides their polished looks, our beautiful ladies are also friendly and amiable,
ready to serve each customer wholeheartedly.





Companion Comments


The companions at Ginza Club Pass tone are mostly young, close-knit, and very proactive in discussing ideas to improve the club.

They all love dresses and fashion, so donning beautiful dresses and working in a glamorous environment makes their smiles shine brighter than usual. Working at the club always fills me with joy too.

Our harmonious relationship seems to also have an effect on customers, who often say, “I feel comfortable here,” a compliment that fills us with pride.

Ginza Club Pass tone is also one of the few clubs in Ginza with a grand piano. The live performance by professional pianists is very comforting and elevates the level of comfort in this already relaxing store.

I love drinking and chit-chatting, so time flies when I’m with customers because it's so enjoyable. At Ginza, I get to talk to people from all walks of life. It's very fun and it broadens my horizons.

Because of Ginza's reputation, many patrons come to the club to entertain VIPs but many regulars also come to Ginza Club Pass tone alone or with friends and colleagues to relax.

I am more than happy to help patrons elevate their experience while recovering from work fatigue or spending quality time with their friends and colleagues.

Do come by when you're in the area.
I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Bunny Girl

Bunny girl

Bunny girl

Bunny girls in adorable costumes
will show you to your seats and serve you drinks.

Our bunnies who are cute from both the front and the back will make your unique experience even more delightful.